The bios of the syco billys


Bruce Carnine - Bass, Vocals

Bruce Carnine, known better as well… just Bruce, started playing music with his grandparents and family at the age of 8. He can play both the Bass and the Guitar. Before filling in for the Syco Billy’s and getting “hooked” he played with West Coast Wanted, Showdown, and Triple Creek. He loves the music that the Syco Billy’s Play and had been looking for an opportunity to play with a band that could bring it to life. “Syco music is FUN! I have always liked creating music from other songs, Syco music brings out the creativity in the music.”


Luc Davin - Fiddle, Vocals

Luc has been playing the fiddle since he was 7 years old. He has been a part of many different bands including; Fold Lizards, Burke Ingrafia Group, Cowan Ensemble, and Danger Hill. He Gladly accepted the Syco Billy’s invitation to join the band in 2005. He considers their music to be an “electric” type of Folk and Bluegrass.


Glen Damewood

Glen Damewood, also known as Sisco to many, started playing the Banjo when he was 22 years old. At the time he decided he wanted to learn how to play an instrument he couldn’t decide between the fiddle or the banjo. Ultimately a simple coin toss chose the Banjo for him. He also plays the Dojo in the band. Prior to Syco Billy’s and a 20-year break, Glen played with Kenny Peters in a band called Troll Hollow for 13 years as well as with the Pine Street All-stars, Crazy Fingers Band, and a few other collaborations such as the All Meat All-stars, where he was the smallest member at 240 pounds. Glen describes the Syco Billy’s music as “a little bit blue grass, Americana, New Grass, and Syco as Hell, Syco Billy’s is one more thing I need to thank my son Brian for.”


Kenny Peters - Guitar, Vocals

Kenny Peters, better known as Deke, started playing in 1970 at the age of 21. He can play both the guitar and the mandolin. Kenny states that joining the Syco Billy’s “just simply seemed like the right thing to do,” and describes their music as “wormy, electric, chaotic and beautiful.”


Don Baker - Mandolin, Vocals

At the age of 5, Don started learning to play the guitar from his father, Henry Baker, a singer/guitarist. Together they played in a family band. During his early years in school he joined various bands and played at school dances and events. After graduating he continued to play with local bands in bars and clubs. He then moved to Nashville in 1994 and worked as a studio and touring musician for 10 years. In 2004 he moved back to Oregon due to an illness in the family, and joined local musicians in the Portland area playing a variety of music genres including; Blues, Folk, Rock, Country and Jazz. Shortly after, he met up with his old musical friend, Glen Damewood and together with Kenny Peters Syco Billy’s was formed.